Why Us


Since its formation in 1987, Natural Roofing products Limited has been supplying and installing premium slate tiles in the New Zealand market. Over this time the Company has developed strong relationships with some of the leading European manufacturers of terracotta tiles and suppliers of natural slate tiles nz.

These companies are at the leading edge of roof design trends in Europe and as such we believe we can cater for the most discerning customers’ needs’.

As director Brian Pudney puts it, ‘There are three key attributes we looked for in choosing the manufacturers we promote; above all is quality, the product range and today very importantly – choice of colour.

In terms of what Natural Roofing Products Limited brings to the table, again there is an uncompromised agenda.

‘At this upper-level of both the residential and non-residential segments of the construction market in New Zealand, the equation for succeeding is simple; its all about providing the best quality product and underwriting it with the best quality advice and installation services’ says son and co-director Nik Pudney.

‘In fact, the advice and installation services we provide are probably the real key to our success especially in reflecting on the amount of repeat business that makes up our turnover’.

‘Our installation teams include master slaters and tilers who gained their credentials in Europe, but when your investing in this type of roof product, you’ve got to be able to ensure the installed quality, compliments the 50 plus years warranty.

So if your new building project or renovation programme calls for a premium quality roof system, give Natural Roofing Products a call direct or ask your designer to contact them.

Advice costs nothing but choosing the wrong roof company can cost a fortune.

We service the whole of New Zealand & Auckland!