Mediterranean Roof Tile | Romane Canal

Romane Canal

Mediterranean roof tile – ROMANE CANAL offers the reliability of a world-standard modern tile, with easy-fixing capabilities and a wide range of terracotta
accessories. The tile has a large and powerful curve pronounced by a very short visible gauge. It perfectly covers typical Mediterranean
roof tile as well as modern architectural projects, which will take advantage from Natural Roofing’s wide colour offer.

The ROMANE CANAL is today one of the most successful terracotta tiles in the world.

**Additional colour options available on special request** 

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The PORTOGHESE profile has become a quintessential choice in architectural builds. It combines a classical eye catching design with
outstanding water shedding properties. They provide interlocking capabilities which ensure perfect tile alignment for ease of installation for rapid coverage of large roof areas.

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Royale Porto

A bolder more textured adaption of the Portoghese profile, the ROYALE PORTO offers a larger, stronger profile double arch allowing deeper shadow lines to display it’s unique attributes Antica Tuscania

* *Additional colour options available on special request**

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Coppotech Tiles

Designed to combine roofs that reach high aesthetics levels, and demand robustness and security. COPPOTECH’S coverage element has experienced considerable success in recent years. Thanks to a small side wing addition to the common roof tile deck that allows easy and direct coupling with the other elements and adaptability to the insulating panels present in the market.

A special feature is the irregular surface finish: discrete veins that evoke impressions of the skilful fingertips of a skilled craftsman.

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Barrel Tiles

This is an age old design which has been perfected to adapt to the demands of modern buildings today. The classic BARREL TILE is in a league of it’s own. It will provide a genuine eye catching appeal and will also display a true appreciation for the aesthetics of terracotta roofing.

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A classic profile that never goes out of style, this tile creates a distinctive classical look. Perfect interlocking and variable gauge technology guarantee the tile great adaptability to every roof.

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Plain tiles

Plain tiles have a rich European history. They display a unique depth and presence to the roofscape whilst providing a solid protective barrier against the elements displaying a clean aesthetic appeal.

** Additional colour options available on special request**

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