Roof Care and Service

Roof Care and Service

These natural materials have been used in roofing applications for centuries. They are impervious to rapid climate change, frosts, colour fade and UV which makes them low maintenance and long lasting.

Knowledge is Key Don’t be Fooled

Owners of these age old materials have become a target for roofing contractors looking to make a quick buck. We have met with countless owners who have had their roofs condemned by not one but several roofing contractors looking to staple on cheap asphalt shingles to slate and clay tile roofs that have years of life remaining.

At some point in it’s life your roof will require maintenance. This is where your choice of roofing company will decide weather you become well informed, or a target for unnecessary spending. The common ailments with these roofing systems are cracked or broken tiles or failed or inadequate flashing details. Natural Roofing Products has the skill and experience to manage these issues and get your roof performing as it should.

Advice is free, but choosing the wrong roofing company can cost a fortune.